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Did Andy Warhol Really Get Shot Because of a Play?



Some like it shot


Just to add to the Holiday mystique, I've heard that probably half of Lady Day's autobiography is utter bullshit as she had a great penchant for embellishment. Thing is, the truth was probably way more interesting.

My issue with the film Lady Sings the Blues is that it was a chance to tell a remarkable story about truly one of jazz's greats and to introduce her music to a younger generation without giving Billie surfer bangs and glittery make-up. Ms. Holiday didn't have to perform in tights and a push-up brassiere. Her artistry is what you paid for. The film was Barry Gordy's effort to get his then main squeeze and baby mama on the silver screen. He wrote the checks for this and Mahogany. I always got the impression that was the impetus of the film - to make Miss Ross a film star - and not to give a genuine exploration of the glorious Billie.

I am or was in the minority with my opinion. I saw this film a couple of days after its premiere at the Pantages in Hollywood. I swear about half of the full audience were pimps with some of their ladies. Lots of zoot suits and broad rim hats with plumes. They and the rest of the audience seemed to be enjoying the movie thoroughly.


Good Evening,
I've seen all the films recommended except "Betty Boop For President" which I shall view. They were all excellent. "Sammy and Rosie Get Laid" I saw at its release and was particularly charming. Hanif Kureshi is a favorite writer of mine. Read "Love in a Blue Time" a collection of sort stories. One, "My Son the Fanatic" was outstanding and eventually rendered to screen. Mind you it was written before 9/11.

Seriously, watch all of these films.

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