Jesus Christ Bobby, calm down. It's just TV.


I recommend illegal piracy, which can be easily done on such sites as, or one if its dozens and dozens of proxies.


As if I need another reason to ignore this service. I find it funny that Disney thinks I'll subscribe to watch a Star Wars series. I'd like to see Obi Wan but I'm catching up on Yasujirō Ozu films... from the forties. I think I can wait until Star Wars appears on a streaming service I have access to.


Bobby Roberts?

aka Robert Roberts?


So, wait. If I'm already a Hulu subscriber I can add Disney+ (I couldn't care less about ESPN+) for no additional cost? Well, that doesn't seem too bad.


I fully support this idea and I wish more streaming services would stagger their new releases. I don't see it as an inconvenience—I'm sure past episodes will be archived and those wishing to have a marathon binge session can still do so at the end of the season.

Releasing an episode per week vs the entire season at once as complimentary to the medium itself. Blazing through a show 6 episodes at a time glosses over a lot of content—I'm guilty of it and barely remember shit about the shows I've watched that way. A program should be digested and if it's any good, become synonymous with the day of the week. Look what Game of Thrones did for Sundays compared to what Stranger Things does for... one week every year or two.


Anticipation is a lost art, and believe it or not, it’s fantastic. Give it a try.


That was a Herzog level hot take right there...


Honestly it seems to make sense from a business standpoint an i don’t like spoilers standpoint and something people may be forgetting is that there is thousands upon thousands of shows and movies across streaming services so letting people blog about it is essentially free advertising, i mean basically one of the reasons i haven’t bothered getting into stranger things is that it’ll matter one week of a year whereas i still go back and look at fan theories for shows like how i met your mother. Having theories and questions is fine but that doesn’t mean the showrunners have to run with your ideas in fact that’s good if internet theories were always right instead of merely entertaining diversions while waiting for the next episode to drop, why would you ever bother finishing a serie.

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