As a senior citizen cis male, I am keenly interested in the response to this movie, and this article. It is hard to be an ally to the trans community when I'm not sure how my attempts to "help" are received. To me, it is very complicated - I know it really isn't about me, but the many, many decades I've spent on this planet have tempered me a certain way, and often I don't even see it. I'm very comfortable around my gay son and his friends; I guess now that several trans people have surfaced in my life, maybe this old dog will figure that out as well...


Never heard of either of them. I've heard the TV and film industry are plagued with lots of cancellations and disrupted careers, however, how is this different from the perpetual existence of most people in the industry?


"Rhys Ernst is just about the last person I would expect to get canceled."

Then you haven't been paying attention. The single factor that makes somebody vulnerable to social media pile-ons is needing the approval of the audience that instigates them. This is why Twitter campaigns are far more effective at shutting down Culture War allies than enemies. Allies are subjected to closer scrutiny and don't have the luxury of ignoring it.


As a general rule people should watch a movie before criticizing it, but if you’re going to call that “canceling” then you need to come up with a different word for people who lose their livelihood over sexual harassment or whatever because these are categorically very different things and it’s absurd to speak of them as though they are indistinguishable.


herzog SUCKS


Has The Stranger reviewed Dave Chappelle's new show on Netflix? It's fucking amazing!


It’s weird how Dave Chappelle is suddenly the patron saint of conservatism bc he joked about trans people and rape survivors, even though he had previously checked out of his career when he realized his ironic racist humor was also funny to people who didn’t realize it was supposed to be ironic. He was woke before it was even a thing and now he’s back because i guess extending the same courtesy to people who don’t look like Dave Chappelle is taking things too far.

It’s also weird how the people who complain about the pc police ruining comedy are now preaching about the purpose comedy is supposed to serve, which is apparently no longer to make people laugh but to hector people about their right to make jokes. I guess when you’re getting 60 million dollars for 3 hours of material you’ve earned the right to not be funny and still have people eat it up.

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