In Uncut Gems, Adam Sandler Has a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day



Good review!


Yeah, @1 beat me to it. This is a great review.


Why, exactly, is The Stranger reviewing an Adam Sandler movie? This actor has a long history of producing drivel for teenagers. Everyone already knows what to expect from any Sandler movie, yet you waste hundreds of words telling us what to expect anyway!


@3 Uncut Gems is what you expect from an Adam Sandler movie?


@3 Punch Drunk Love was a triumph for both Sandler and Philip S. Hoffman. If you don't know what you are talking about consider not posting at all.


@5 My, my, my, such passion for the Master of Low Brow humor. Please go ask your mommy if there is any Sunny D in the fridge and, maybe, if you have cleaned your rooms, your mother will put some Totinos Pizza Rolls in the oven for you. Then go sit in front of the TV and watch a Sandler movie marathon that will last until you go back to school in the new year!


@6 -- Holy shit, man, how hard is it to admit you were wrong. Yes, everyone knows that Sandler produced a shitload of stupid comedies. You are missing the point. This isn't one of them! If you think this is yet another one of those -- if you think this is just another Billy Madison -- you are an idiot. This isn't even a comedy! Holy shit, man, this is not a typical Sandler movie, nor was Punch Druck Love. Does that even register? Or does the fact that the man made dozens of shitty comedies followed by a couple dramas just blow your fucking mind?


ROFLMAO You need to go back 18 years to find a film to impress me with the body of his serious work. You are so lame. And then you want me to believe that a film that starts with a trip down Sandler's poop shoot is some sort of modern "Citizen Kane"! But don't worry, Mommy will give you a big hug!