Olympic Dreams Gets Unprecedented Access Inside the Olympics' Horniest Locale



Calm down Big Fella! Each and every one of those 37,000 condoms had the Olympic logo on it, making it a very desirable souvenir. So, even if an athlete didn't bring home a gold medal, they could bring home a handful of branded condoms to pass out to their friends. Any nookie that was had was just a fringe benefit.


1 Is not wrong, many become souvenirs but many, many, many, are used. When they started providing condoms they were not branded and they all went. I think they provided about one per athlete and that number has steadily increased. I must say 110K seems high for an event with <5K athletes (Summer Games are about two times the size of Winter Games)

Athlete Villages really are another planet on Earth no matter the level of games. Elite multi-sport games are the wildest. Plenty of young, fit, strange for everyone.