Harley and the Birds strolling onto VOD Tues, March 24



"... high-speed internet (which should have been a public utility then and is an absolute fucking necessity for our country to function now) became our primary means of interpersonal communication."

(Capitalism's got some pretty fucking Funny ideas about what is a Human Right and what is a CORPORATE RIGHT and all the while we the people become consumers first and 'citizens' last. Corporate rule IS fascism.

I prefer the Democratic socialism please.)


I've been meaning to watch Birds of Prey, but I just haven't gotten around to it. Now that I'm stuck inside, I plan to watch it right after I water the plants, re-grout the bathroom tile, iron my socks, alphabetize my receipts, knit a full-body sweater for a horse, and finish my first year of online Mongolian lessons.

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