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Ms. Marvel is as Much About Culture as it is About Superpowers

Critics have almost uniformly praised Ms. Marvel. So why is no one watching it? Marvel Studios




The only reason pasty, white fanboys like yourself think "it's trash" is because it refuses to cater to your sexist, misogynist, xenophobic expectations of what a female superhero is supposed to look like: a hyper-sexualized Barbie Doll who stretches their spandex costume to the point where they might as well not be wearing anything, and upon whom you can project your pathetic white knight fantasies of power and overwealing masculinity, while continuously fapping yourself blind in your delusional belief that any female would willingly idolize your bloated, malodorous bean bag chair of a body.


I rather enjoyed @2 Thesis introduction from Smith College. Really makes you think.


being bulletproof
a power that would
save the lives of too
many young Black men


have they tried
In-Visible to
the Slave

[that Survive] end up
with Gainful Employment*
in the Prison Industrial Complex?

we'd NEVER in a Billion years
allow that to happen to
White Peop[e. oh
Wait we Do

just the
po' ones

Deserve it.

like some
Deserve Mass
Quantities of our
Economy -- just 'Cause Cuz!

*at 28 cents an hour
well Somebuddy's
gotta Pay their
Keep. ffs


"More of a LOTR guy if you can't tell"

Literal Ell Oh Ell.


All these boys who haven’t watched it out here proclaiming that it sucks.

It doesn’t. It’s just not made for YOU.

I’ve loved everything about the show. The family dynamics, the teen angst, the music, the struggle of an ordinary kid suddenly gifted with power trying to figure out how to use it & when. That’s a theme common in the Spider-Man movies, & just because it ain’t a white boy struggling to balance home school & being super ya’ll clutch your pearls.


@1. This is just sock puppet eldenring's shit eating orifice spouting more worthless pig vomit in a desperate cry for attention he was denied by his parents who never loved him. He'll be rebanned soon enough.



Did I hit a little too close to home? I hear your mom calling from upstairs, so it must be time for your juice box and a binky, cuz someone 's getting cranky.


They're fucking comics, dude. DC and Marvel have retconned characters so many times they created entire storylines to try to explain all the different iterations.


Ms. Marvel the comic was a relative smash hit (Marvel's first new character to hit in over a decade), but by the numbers it was about the same as she's doing against more established big names now--never a truly huge seller, but better than average and well-loved.

I've thoroughly enjoyed it thus far, especially seeing her as imagined by a creative team that's not just G. Willow Wilson (no shade! More voices are just a good thing). She'll have legs; young people encountering Marvel through games and multimedia usually get her as the entry point.


You didn't mention the Obi-Wan factor, which some think affected the ratings. Or the marketing, which wasn't the best.

In any case, reading some of the comments from MCU fanboys elsewhere has been slightly entertaining until it just becomes annoying. The amount of nitpicking they're doing it just crazy.


I wouldn’t be inclined to watch anything with a religion stamp on the advertisement. Christianity and other similar religions have destroyed this world and made it a worse place.


I'm a pretty avid consumer of big franchises these days (MCU and Star Wars being the main ones) and a general fan of fantasy/sci-fi, plus I'm a HUGE cuck-soy boy-virtue signaling-cultural Marxist-SJW. And I haven't seen Ms. Marvel yet because I'm burned out. I've been behind on most MCU movies during this phase. I haven't watched Moon Knight yet either. But I'm legit interested in both recent MCU series...I just haven't gotten around to them.

Luke Cage had two seasons just like most of the Netflix MCU shows got (Daredevil got three). The Netflix MCU stuff is a story unto itself, with those series technically being part of the larger franchise but kept at arms length due to behind-the-scene corporate stuff. Most of the Netflix MCU shows were mixed bags, with Daredevil arguably being the best and Iron Fist DEFINITELY being the worst. Luke Cage was at its best when it was steeped into the Harlem stuff and the political stuff and actually pretty weak on the "super-powered guys hit each other" stuff.

Also: soyboys, "get woke, go broke", projection, Smith College, checkboxes...this is all outdated troll-trash from social media that's at least five years past its due date. If you're going to bring garbage, at least update it.

And Ms. Marvel is a new character. She just has the "Marvel" name. "Woman Thor" is a different character, black Batman is a new character (he's not a new black version of Bruce Wayne). Bucky and Falcon have both been Captain America. Superhero titles have been getting passed along to other characters for a long time in the comics themselves so stop fretting because it's now happening in movies/shows.

WandaVision had big numbers not only because it was good, but it was also the first MCU Disney+ series to come up AND it was the first new bit of MCU since the pandemic had hit. So it had a lot of momentum. Loki had big numbers because it was the first dip into multiverse/alternative timeline stuff AND Loki has been a fan favorite for many years at this point.

But what's my point? I don't have a main point. Just a handful of responses to various people's thoughts.


Disney has really made remarkable strides towards diverse casting in their mass-produced superhero pabulum.


Ms Marvel is a good show. It's well written, and well shot. The music is great. If you disagree I don't know what to tell you.


The haters (most of whom haven't even seen the show) are missing out. Ms. Marvel is a good show, and it's more interesting and original than most of the other Marvel shows. Really, only WandaVision is better. And it's way more interesting than the latest Doctor Strange movie.

I was watching Obi-Wan at the same time when they were being released on the same day and while that had its moments, I had more fun watching Ms. Marvel when I watched them back-to-back.

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