Los Angeles in 2053... Courtesy of HBO



"The revolution is never enough. Why is it always this narrative form? Why can’t Westworld season four be about robots and working-class humans building a society that’s finally fully democratic and rational?

A new society that bans the rape of robots. One that opens all opportunities for human workers. I could imagine a scene in episode one of season four where there is a deep debate about voting rights for robots."

remember when Haiti Freed
Itself? remember how Bad it
mightta Got if Other Slaves
took note? Capitalism cannot
Compete with an Open Egal-
tarian Society -- which is also
why 'republicans' gotta Cheat
to stay in Power -- there is no
There there. and We the Peeps
can clearly see that so no there
is no Utopia that does not involve
Capitalism and its Inevitable result


it's just
the Natural
Order of Things.

you can even ask dewey.


they don't want us lying around lazy-like &
sucking up precious O2 @
two bucks a liter

Puritans ain't
Afraid of Work.


"It's easier to envisage the end of the world than the end of capitalism."

Also, the solution to all this is really very simple. Stop buying shit! You don't need it. It's not going to make you happy. Late-stage capitalism and global warming are solved in one simple solution.


Not sure why you think the revolution will be televised. The entertainment-industrial complex exists to perpetuate the myth of redemptive violence. It offers catharsis through violence, but not redemption, let alone revolution.


Bounced around a few episodes and I couldn’t even manage a minor fuck about any particular character. The whole of Westworld is on Ambien - as listless a the queue at a Laurelhurst cafe. Seriously - who gives a fuck about anyone in the production?

I always appreciate Mudede’s unabashedly academic takes on popular culture, but sorry man this show makes me want to impale my own colon with a fork.


"Why can’t Westworld season four be about robots and working-class humans building a society that’s finally fully democratic and rational?"

The robots were built by animals with large brains full of flaws and shortcomings. Thus, flaws will be inherent to the machines as the creators are flawed. A fully democratic and rational outcome would be more of a fantasy than the show already is. Forgetting that we are animals leads to this kind of idealistic disappointment.



"Why is it so hard for TV shows to imagine life or even drama in a post-revolution world? "
"Why can’t Westworld season four be about robots and working-class humans building a society that’s finally fully democratic and rational?"

Because that's not how revolutions work and you know it.

Depicting a post-revolutionary landscape as a happy land of Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood would be unrealistic claptrap.

Just look at the history of actual revolutions that have happened.

France 1789-1815 Let's see it started out with the Declaration of the Rights of Man. sound fantastic, but it quickly descended into the Reign of Terror, beheading anyone on the flimsiest grounds of being a counter revolutionary. Hell people got their heads cut off for not wearing a freaking hat and rivers of blood flowed through Place de la Concorde, and similar public spaces throughout the countryside. Then after the Terror ended it was replaced by a Populist Dictatorship. The Dictator was finally defeated and in 1815, after a long and bloody 26 years the revolution ended with the restoration of the monarchy.

Or how about Russia? They completely skipped the ideals of the Rights of Man and went right to the Red Terror executing thousands merely suspected of not being sufficiently revolutionary. they then turned on each other with Stalin killing Trotsky before finally descending into an authoritarian Big Brother style nightmare for half a freaking Century.

Yea Charles, depicting the aftermath of revolutions as loving and cuddly is ludicrous.

Heck look at the post-colonial history of your own country Charles. How many coups, military dictatorships, civil wars followed Independence? How much bloodshed was there between 1964 and 2001?

You know better Charles! Revolutions are never neat tidy bloodless affairs, and they rarely ever end well for the common people.


1/6 was a revolution.

A failed one, but one attempt nonetheless.

Revolutions are never good for women and children. Ever.



Was 1/6 was an attempted coup. Had it been succesful it likely would have sparked a revolution.


Jeebus999 and Sir Toby II:
Thank-you. Believing in The Revolution is believing in The Messiah, with all its vices (e.g., justifying any barbarity in Its/His name, believing that it will work because People Will Be Different) but without the latter's excuse that it believes Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnibenevolence will be in its corner, so the former often tries to create a State so empowered….

And even if it were possible: would it 'make good television'?

It's likely comforting to believe that those who disagree with one are simply too stupid, blinkered, or bought-off to See The Truth—it eliminates the possibility that they may legitimately see things (or want things, or think things) different to what one does. That is to say: The "Westworld" writers may be perfectly able to imagine the better world C.M. would have them, just not think it credible or interesting.

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