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The Lion Punch in Beast Really Tried to be The Next Snakes on the Plane

Are you the next Bond? The next James Bond? Lauren Mulligan / Universal Pictures



@1 the next movie will almost certainly be a reboot with a new James Bond much as Casino Royals was when Daniel Craig joined. I agree with Charles that surely anyone can play the character, and Idris Elba would be fantastic, but in todays world where someone like Lin Manuel Miranda was accused of not respecting cultural roles with his casting choices for In the Heights I really don’t know how you make the case for a different James Bond.


Regardless of race Elba's suaveness, ass-kicking-ness and comedic timing nail the James Bond role better than anyone else. Am I missing anyone?


In Fleming’s books, Bond, like Fleming, was a Scot, initially raised in Scotland by his Scottish family. (In the movie “Skyfall,” Bond plays a word-association game with a psychologist. When the psychologist asks Bond to identify his “country,” Bond replies “England.” The psychologist retorts, “Skyfall,” at which point Bond declares they are “done.” Unknown to the viewer, Skyfall is the Bond family’s ancestral home — in Scotland.) Fleming lost his father in the Great War (WWI); Bond lost both of his parents to a climbing accident in the Tyrol. After that, Bond’s aunt raised him in Kent, England. Bond’s status as an orphan outsider helped to form his character. Casting Elba, or another Black actor, thus could fit Bond’s existing background really well.


Idris is too old for it now - remember that each actor does multiple movies, and he's 50 now. Gotta have someone younger.


JLo'd make a
Great Agent 69.

and have you seen Barry?
Hader's Something
but Please not

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