Film/TV Nov 7, 2022 at 4:39 pm

We Should Not Be Surprised by the Current and Dismal State of Affairs

Racing to the end of the world... Charles Mudede



Fear Not 4 the Advent of Numeric Supremacy is here to explain the 4 mat using math. There 4 no need try 2 describe any more.


Lately, I have been choosing optimism. Pessimism is paralyzing. Pessimism is a waste of time, particularly if our time is limited. And with all this running around the sky is falling, I am still waking up every day to my family, fridge full of food, gathering with friends for music and good conversation. The future remains to be seen, and human wet blankets are…cold.


Maybe without hope, we’d be in an honest place, a place from which we could start having meaningful conversations, like the one Charles has started here.

“What remains? A code of honor, which must be maintained, but with no illusions.”

For me, that’s not a breath of fresh air, that’s a breath of life.


A really solid, thought-provoking essay. The sort of piece where Mudede shines, for all his quirks and for his reducing everything down to a critique of capitalism.

I do find one source of hope and optimism today, the fierce, fearless desire for freedom being exhibited by the Ukrainian people in the face of all odds. Goodness knows, with the failure of the collective American spirit, we'll find a way to crush that too.

Anyway, I kinda take the attitude of Totoman @3, not because I have as enriching a life as he does, but because, as he says: "Pessimism is a waste of time, particularly if our time is limited."

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