Film/TV Mar 3, 2023 at 3:04 pm

Ignore Disney's The Mandalorian, Watch China Central Television's Three-Body

Me watching how the very large can fit into the very little. Charles Mudede



Thanks Charles - I too loved the source material, looking forward to giving this a watch!


I rather watch The Last Of Us!!!🐻


thanks for this Review!
will def check out.

[your shelf
has a bit
of a list]


"Alien civilizations . . . are keeping their mouths shut. Silence explains our isolation. The cosmic sociological rule? Hunt or be hunted."

not US.
our Sitcoms
zapped Universally
will no doubt attract
the most fascistic "Republicans"
in our Galaxy leaving local "Republicans" aghast

and Envious
even as they're
being so noisly Devoured


“Netflix recently completed an American adaptation of the novel. It's going to be big because it's produced by the Game of Thrones team. […] Hollywood would never make an investment of that scale on a book that's complicated, dark in its conclusions,”

“Game of Thrones” was a worldwide cultural phenomenon, the largest for a generation, and it adapted multiple books which are “complicated,” en route to an ending which is “dark in its conclusions.”

“But there is no way in hell it will hold a candle to the Chinese adaptation,”

The best critics write their reviews before seeing the material!

“… the key ideas of a discipline that went into decline in the US around the mid-1970s, physics.”

You know what would have more entertainment value than the combined total of “Three-Body,” “Game of Thrones,” “The Last of Us,” and “The Mandalorian,” plus any other three long-form series not featuring Pedro Pascal? Watching Charles try to explain any of the ideas developed by American physicists since the mid-1970s.


The Mandalorian (season 3) is hard to watch after experiencing Andor.


@6 that's the truth.


Chuck......have you watched "The Extraordinary Attorney Woo"? Initially with Korean subtitles but I think they have all been dubbed now.


Your shelf is crooked

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