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If We're So Smart, Why Did We Still Build a Highway Through the Center of the City?

This is as far as Seattle wants to go.... Alex Bailey/Netflix



puppets of capital


Is Charles characterizing Alaskan/Elliot as a highway in the core of Seattle?


The highway was built long ago. There is no environmental advantage to doing away with it now. There IS environmental value in building fixed transit, encouraging human powered modes of transportation (biking, walking), density, working from home…check, check, check, doing it.


@2, @3: Fitting for a post by Charles on economics, he misses the main point entirely. The primary economic purpose of the SR-99 tunnel, and why it was intentionally designed so as to bypass downtown, is to provide a secure and rapid overland route between Seattle’s harbor and the Ballard waterfront. Heavy trucks are the most efficient way of moving the daily matériels those two waterfronts need.


Chas, have you not read "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins? If not, please don't, we need your comically shallow analysis for our weekly laugh.


If you don't care about your articles anymore, it's kind of a scam. A more engaged writer could take your place!


Undiscussed with the highway 99 project is that I-5 itself is likely to collapse from the ship canal bridge through Boeing Field in an earthquake. For resiliency planning, Seattle needs a highway into the city that will function after a big earthquake. They can't fix I-5 due to traffic volume and site constraints, so they fixed 99.

Not every show you watch is about climate, Seattle highways, or whatever you want to think about in the moment.


I asked GPT4 what grade would this paper get in a college writing class:

Based on web search results, different college writing classes may have different grading rubrics, but a common one is the one used by Virginia Union UniversityÂą. According to this rubric, the paper would get a grade of C (2) for focus, purpose, and thesis; a grade of C (2) for ideas, support, and development; a grade of C (2) for structure and organization; a grade of B (3) for audience, tone, and point of view; a grade of C (2) for sentence structure; and a grade of B (3) for word choice and tone. The average score would be 2.33, which is equivalent to a C+. This means that the paper meets some of the basic requirements of college-level writing, but needs improvement in several areas.


A show is diverse because it has a lot of black actors?


@ 8. Honestly. This is nothing but good news to me. Thank you. I want to fail AI every time.


Expanding the Overton window in Seattle, even and maybe especially at a time of existential crisis, remains a tough go. Thanks, Charles.


Ok, I'll bite....what are your issues with Beef?


"our city is ultimately run by those who only have one function: securing the continuation of the power of those who command capital."

It took an awful lot of words to get to that point, which is something anyone who has lived in Seattle for more than a week already knows. Seattle has always been that way. After all, we were founded by grifters and prostitutes.


@16 Catalina Vel-DuRay FTW, again.


Our country is run by those who only have one function: securing the power of those who command capital.

Seattle isn't special or different. It's exactly like the rest of the country.

As for the Netflix show, I tried to watch it, being a big fan of Keri Russell. The show's entire premise is absurd. Of course it relies on almost everyone not knowing anything about how our government works or what people from this country do when they are posted internationally as diplomats/ambassadors. The show is also so fucking boring! I'd rather re-watch The Americans for the millionth time. It's way more interesting and Russell is exceptional in it.


I agree that putting a multi, multilane street at the waterfront was a bad idea. Seattle has a history of bad ideas. I-5 is one of the big ones along with the Viaduct. Several cities have freeways that slash through them, but I-5 really cuts the city in half. Never have seen a multi, multilane street that has wound up pedestrian-friendly no matter how wide the sidewalks are. Give it a couple of months. A stroll down Elliot Way will require good goggles because of the swirling micro-gravel and tiny pieces of glass - swirling in the traffic-created wind. Shame. Obviously, not live and learn.

Don't forget the elegant moonbeam named T'Nia Miller. Along with Russell's and Ahn's performance, the highlight of the miniseries. She also has the best line in the show - delivered like a wise she-devil who's seen it all, "It's not home, but it's much." Heart. Heart. Heart.


“…flawless white American accent”

WTF does that mean? Lol there’s probably more than a dozen American accents, spoken by all types of people.


how come I've never stumbled
over a Southern Funkin'
Wagnells dictionary?

how Ever do they
Learn to Talk so?

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