Film/TV May 12, 2023 at 2:47 pm

Yes, the Chocolate Popcorn Is Coming Back; No, the Theater Won’t Be Open in Time for Oppenheimer

chocolate popcorn chocolate popcorn chocolate popcorn chocolate popcorn chocolate popcorn Charles Mudede



Cheers! to the soon-to-be-former
Cinerama* and BRAVO! to the
SIFFians too! & get outta
Town! with that Choco-
Popcorn. why not
Maple? or

*how 'bout
'la Cinema'

& welcome
back Chase!


My suggestion for the new name would be SIFFerama! Let's face it, everyone will still call it the Cinerama for years, until we all die off, or are driven out by rising rents.


Omaha had a beautiful Cinerama theatre (The Indian Hills). It really was amazing -the building was round and dark pink. There was a drive with a covered drop off so your wife’s hair wouldn’t get blown in the wind or wet if the weather was foul. They tore it down for a parking lot, of course.

I wonder why they have to change the name. Allen didn’t invent the technology.


@3: The trademark holder of the Cinerama name licensed it to Vulcan for as long as they owned the building. Allen didn't own the name.



'Cinema de Arc'
or 'The Arc,'

they could dig up*
Noah* as their
new Emcee

*virtually! stone
Tablets & all

*he looks just
like Charlatan
[nra] Heston!


Thank you, stink bug dear. I wonder who does own it. It was sort of a kitschy technology.


This is great news! I remember the re-opening of Cinerama, the showing of “Gettysburg,” and the actual Cinescope showing of “How the West Was Won.” Later, I lived in the next block in Belltown, and the chocolate popcorn was a regular snack. Here’s hoping that fine old movie palace has another great run of glory!

Of course, leave it to the modern Stranger to lard half the article with redundant reporting ( whilst promoting one of their own failed Council candidates from years ago.

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