Film/TV Nov 16, 2023 at 1:41 pm

This Holiday Season, Julianne Moore Gives Us One of Cinema's Greatest Lisps

"May December" remixes the real-life story of Seattle-area teacher Mary Kay Letorneau, who was arrested for having a sexual relationship with one of her students. Netflix



Honestly, why does this have to be revisited? What does Todd Haynes get out of making this movie?


@1: “Honestly, why does this have to be revisited?”

Because artists often take inspiration from real life?

“What does Todd Haynes get out of making this movie?”

According to the trailer, his movie has won several awards.

I’m hoping his next movie project will take inspiration from the case of Amanda Knox. I’m seeing a looping structure, wherein the movie begins and ends with the Italian Supreme Court vacating her conviction, a scene to which we return multiple times, each time seeing it from the perspective of a different person involved in the case. The final scene is from the main character’s perspective, as she exits the courtroom a free woman.

International intrigue, sexy young people, a murder, wrongful conviction, years-long quest for justice — her story has many elements of a really successful movie. A good filmmaker could really run the awards table with it.


“Elizabeth’s methods quickly blow past eyebrow-raising.”

TBF, she was sitting in a restaurant, quietly interviewing Gracie’s lawyer, when Gracie’s oldest son suddenly barged into their conversation, inviting himself to interview her about his mother’s story. He quickly establishes himself as an even more stunted man-child than his mother’s second husband.

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