Film/TV Dec 11, 2023 at 3:56 pm

It's Also Yet One More Film That Confuses the Apocalypse with Dystopia

It's the end of the world and, yet again, we don't feel fine. Netflix



Maybe the paradigm of apocalypse resulting in dystopia is an explicit recognition that we are indeed living in a dystopia now, and that the rot at the core of our culture is so deep that even apocalypse won't get at it. Do the Indigenous peoples of the world - who could tell us a thing or two about what it's like to live post-apocalypse if we cared to ask - tell stories about bellum omnium contra omnes? I rather think their stories are about how for more than half a millennium now they have managed to hang on to the connections to earth and each other that are at the core of their cultures.


Most of recorded human history before Hume or Hobbes shows that the natural state of human social grouping is peace and tranquility. Obviously, apocalypse would only return us to the bliss of that time.


Obviously the mass death of billions will allow us to reset below the carrying capacity of earth and then not worry about having to change immigration


Will in Seattle - The US has interfered in other nations' governmental systems since its founding and with even when the global population was far lower. The US has created its own immigration issues.

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