Talking Dogs


The only thing to come out of any of these movies that was remotely entertaining was when the cat fell in the river (and off the giant waterfall) in Homeward Bound. I was like 7-years-old when I saw it, so maybe it isn't as funny as it was way back 1993. Oh my God I'm old.
Oh my, alien dog sperm? Actually, the majority of the 99 puppies do not hail from Perdita's (Pongo's babymama) womb. Most of them were other puppies stolen by Cruella from pet stores, et cetera, and Pongo et. al merely rescue and adopt them.
What a waste of pixels and paper. Why don't you actually write about good stuff. This kind of fluff is easy.
Did they really explode 300 cats while making Milo & Otis? Or is it just me?
how in the name of all that is disney have you not seen 101 dalmations?!! i demand as a concerned reader that you rent it TODAY! and for dog sakes please watch the original animated version and not the god awful Glenn Close one.
oh wow i really wasn't trying to be cute by typing 'dog sakes'. that was a totally gross typo. sorry.
@Inness and suckit:
I know! It's totally weird--101 Dalmations (orig) was my favorite movie when I was a kid, but I had some kind of brain lapse when I wrote this column. I remembered about the mass puppy adoption about 2 seconds before it went to press. Oops. My point stands, though: It WOULD be gross if one dog gave birth to 99 puppies. Let's try to keep that from ever happening, shall we?
1930 MGM short "A dogway melodie" and "Hot dog (all Barkie)"

Two great movies worthy of all the dog shit it took to make them.
I think the commercials for Beverly Hills Chihuahua have given me a mild form of Cancer.
I thought the first film to have a dog with CGI-assisted expressions was Babe (1995).
Don't forget to include the talking sheep-dogs from "Babe". That movie was the best of the talking animals genre.