These American Chuckles


Is this ever going to be released for people who couldn't make it to a showing?
If you act quickly you can download it here:…

Or you can stream it from here:…

And I agree, Dan Savage's piece was one of the most riveting, heartbreaking, beautiful things I've heard on TAL (and that's saying a lot), and may be the best writing he's ever done. A wonderful tribute to his mother. And his mother sounds like a wonderful person -- when he got to where he came out and she told the family that anyone who had a problem with that had a much bigger problem with her.... well, this straight guy was glad he wasn't driving because I think I would've had to pull over for a minute or two.

Well done, Dan. I don't think people go anywhere after they die either, but you've kept your mother alive in the minds of a lot of people who never met her. And that's remarkable. She gave life to you, and now in a small way you've done the same for her.