Smoke Signals At Volterra


What happened to the film section this week? Nearly disappeared completely.
If there's no film section this week save one piece, at least it's Lindy's.
As someone who thinks an alt weekly like the Stranger has an obligation to good film journalism, I beg to differ. While her piece is an enjoyable read, it offers nothing about this week's film offerings. Great for the blog but bad for film culture.
I dunno, it did remind me to rewatch Smoke Signals. Anyway, I think film is to be enjoyed, and reading about movies should also be enjoyable, therefore (check out my philosophy degree coming in handy!) Ms. West's column fulfills my film readin' needs.
In my head, I was pronouncing "venison potpie" as "venison potPEE", and kept wondering just what the hell it was.
the fucking stupidness of Avatar: "When I was watching Avatar, I was thinking that this is a director who will not be questioned and will film a first draft... Nobody tells James Cameron that the story is fucking stupid."

Hrmmm, the phrases "glass house" and "throwing rocks" comes to mind.

Alexie's relentless self promotion has made him tiresome. It's time for a new ethnic media darling don't ya think?