Due Date



That is all.
Would it have been a better movie drunk?
@SchmuckyTheCat Everything is better drunk.
It looks like a poor attempt to remake Rain Man, except Zach Galifianakis's character isn't autistic... to our knowledge.

i was thinking 'planes, trains, & automobiles'
'last baby she had, came out sideways! didn't make a sound or nuttin'
How did you get a job writing anything? Seriously, are those random interjections of odd noises, "off the cuff" remarks, and general ramblings supposed to be witty? I have to assume you have to meet some kind of word quota, or get paid by the word; because everything I've ever read from you consists of gibberish, and about two sentences in which you actually say something. Maybe I should be more upset with the editor, I mean, they print this crap; on second thought, it is you who barfed all over the page, and they can only do so much with what is turned in. Please try actually filling the space you inexplicably receive with something that somewhat resembles writing. You're not sending obnoxiosly long texts to you're friends here, you're supposed to be a JOURNALIST. I thought you were the photographer or something, maybe you should stick to that; please?
@7: I like the way you criticised someone's writing by writing really badly. "Meta."
Boo hoo hoo, someone on the internet created a piece of writing that I don't agree with slash don't appreciate stylistically.

I <3 Lindy
Saw it last night and thought it was really funny... feels weird writing this on The Stranger but maybe you need to just relax and watch it? It's not meant to be intelligent comedy it's meant to make you laugh and the packed theater was full of it last night.
Lindy is a megazord created out of separate yet equally awesome pieces, and I will BROOK NO DISSENT, o proscriptive genre-ist maggums95. Get with the times, Granny! Lindy is King!
People do that with leftover turkey???
@7 -- Did you stitch those crabbypants yourself or were they sewed by humorless frustrated temps with English lit degrees? Either way, they seem a little tight.

So I made the mistake of seeing this last night. Somehow they managed to make RDJ entirely unlikeable.

They tried to capture the magic of The Hangover, instead they just managed to create the cinematic equivalent of A Hangover.
I don't like what you write. You are an ever-so-bad writer. Please write it the way I like it.