Concessions 90210



Some years the nominations are richer than others. This is one of the poorest years yet. The best film I saw all year was Margin Call, a fictionalized yet accurate depiction of WTF happened to all of us in mid-2008. The best performance by an actor in my book was Paul Bettany in Margin Call. But the film is conspicuous in their absense from the nominee lists. Without even thinking too hard I'll guess that The Help gets all the awards it's up for. It appears to be one of those years when Hollywood wants to pat itself on the back for being complacently progressive.
Bullcorn, Snoozepocalypse. And the Oscar goes toooo... you know whoooo.
..wait.. lindy , are you going ?.. what are you wearing ? what will you be packing in that flask? and who are you hoping to stalk and seduce back to your lair ?
Jonah Hill and Jean DuJardin are my picks. The latter has been a guest at SIFF multiple times, as has his costar for Best Actress in two films. They're very nice people. Jonah's been here a few times too, he's nice.

By the way, just because they're Caucasian (White) doesn't mean they're not Hispanic, like my brother-in-law and five relatives who are voting for the Oscars.
I'll assume you have more to type, Will, but Tom Sherak was calling you on the red phone?
Old people. They're so funny.
@5 nope. Don't miss the Oscar Shorts tonite.
I say it every year about this time: members of the Academy's ballots are commandeered by their teenage kids (um, remember the year the Triple Six Mafia won?). Two friends of a friend used to fill it out for their dad, who was a member of the academy-slash-washed-up character actor.
I thought The Help was going to be the obvious punchline.
Nice comments from a newspaper that congratulates itself on being so open-minded. Imagine if these offensive comments were made about other any other groups, men, African-Americans, women...I think the list could go on. All for a laugh, I suppose, except the comments are not funny or clever. Grow up!