Raging Bullshit. Auto Focus Is Not My Dad's Story


Saw the film. Own the film. Reviewed the film on IMDb. Read the Robert Graysmith book it's based on.

Scott, I can't agree that it is a poorly constructed movie, nor that it is boring. However, I DO object to any made-up, misleading information -- and also feel that neither Schrader nor Kinnear successfully plumbed the depths of Bob's soul or the complexity of his character.
Thanks for taking the time to write and set the record straight. I watched the movie from the perspective of a baby boomer fan and would have appreciated the more accurate story you describe. It is dramatic enough not to need additional embellishment and it would have been enjoyable to have seen more of your father's charm come through, since that's what kept us fans tuning in. Caroline
A couple of Crane's other kids claimed that Bob had a vasectomy several years prior to Scotty's birth, though admitted he looked remarkably like their dad.
Your dad was the man!...sure he loved his women and life but what red blooded straight guy doesnt...what do you think when you watch hogans heros?? I love it ive got the whole 6 seasons and i watch an episode every night! There are just soooo many questions about him id love to ask!
I think you made your father proud.
The film would equate to slander then, no? Lawsuit material?

I have to admit, Scotty look's exactly like his father. As far as Auto-Focus is concerned, I loved it. I love Kinnear and especially DeFoe. I do however wish it was accurate. Maybe Scotty can do another one himself that would lend to an honest portrayal?

On second thought, how much integrity can a man possibly have who used to have a website exploiting his father and for a fee, you could access said material. That's a revolting thing to do, Scotty. That's your pops!