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Stealing America: Vote by Vote


Gaah. I'm breaking out the scotch. Might as well start drinking now.
Last night at the Keystone Congregational Church there was a powerful movie about the ethnic isolationalism being carried out for the trash traders in Federal Budgetary Constraints.

I mention this because of the resemblences all of us have today to the failings of power and secrecy in authority at the expense of non-ending searches for political accountability,when and if the law chooses to enforce it's own non-enforceable power, as the law loses in the Federal Courthouses of this nation, America.

Some pillow talk is not resistance to authority just because it is in the utterance of passion or lust or transitional metaphor, some pillow talk is truly sacred joining between the timeportals of the soul.

One aspect worth consideration, should you choose to link up the names of the titles to this topic and last nights Wallingford movie, is the part where in isolation, the incarcerated wife of stress in duress resorts to a cookie tin full of bottles of pills because she cannot stop the madness of the government nor comprehend at that moment the civility of justice at the expense and comparisons to barbarians.

Pray and meditate on that for a while, then see if there is something you want to rise up for and be quite about while you watch the movie comparison and facial likenesses style reminders from recollections that I intice you to consider while watching the closed captions and translation of foreign language and time the distance of inside head talking to ones self while multi-tasking the rest of the cinemagraphic field that flashes by from scene to scene.
Words are not guns, peace pipes should not be food for fodder and someone will just have to make sure that the last ending to this slog gets credited correctly because it is not a ghost in the machine that catches a snake, but the hand of a shark that bites the will of a starfish in floundering halos.
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