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Slumdog Millionaire: Whooosh!


Darn! I got free passes from the Fox rep for this and couldn't go - had to work. I couldn't even GIVE them away. People were skeptical.

So I get a stack of about 25 free movie passes a month. If anyone wants to go to "The Wrestler" on Monday, Nov 24th at 7:00pm, come by Vermillion - 1508 11th Ave - and I'll give you a pass.

THIS ONE features Mickey Rourke and Evan Rachel Wood. Oh and it's directed by Darren Aronofsky who will be there for a post Q & A with Marisa Tomei. Geeeeeesh.. can't say that this one has as much potential as the SD movie but, whatever. It actually sounds like possibly the worst movie ever made.
I know The Wrestler screened for some people already on Tuesaday. Do you know where that was ? Also, I live in Pierce County, what theater are the passes for, I just want to know because it's a long drive ? Appreciate it if you answered back !
I live in Los Angeles and have seen the movie. I enjoyed it.

However, I'm wondering if Lindy even knows what she's talking about when she says things like:

"Childhood comforts meet startling innovation. Nostalgic newness."

Really? Really?

She "loved it", yet dismisses it as a "fairy tale". Be mindful of double-talk, Seattle.
God forbid! anyone write something critical about the stranger.

Thanks for deleting the comment, you dicks.
I love fairy tales. Next!
Am I the only person who hated it? The cliches were unbearable
also, in hindi, the show is actually called kaun banega crorepati. and amitabh bachchan hosts it. i don't think they could afford to put him in this movie.
slackerina, I read an Indian article that said they talked to "Big B" but both sides decided he is now too old for the roles that eventually went to Anil Kapoor (host) or Irrfan Khan (inspector.)
First half - fantastic; second half - unbearable crap.
The framing device was clever but the whole "good brother/bad brother/girl who comes between" set up was incontinent when D.W. Griffith was in his prime. And, there's about 4 too many MTV montage moments for my taste.

And, I know women tend to be marginalized in Indian society (well, all society, actually) but couldn't we have had a couple female characters to add something to the story? And did the Girl have to be so boring? Would it have killed them to give her a little more depth and make her a living, breathing person instead of only being a pretty plot point?

But, the actors were good (esp the youngest set of the three main characters, even covered in poo) and the soundtrack does kick some ass. And, I enjoyed the fact that I audibly heard people in the audience smugly announce the answer to the final question outloud, only to be proven wrong...(I got it right)
Saw it last night, thought it was certainly Oscar-worthy. I've seen better, but it is Oscar-worthy nonetheless.