On Screen

Go for the Flying Dog, Stay for the Fat Hamster


In 3-D? They're spherical.
Except for the "fuck"s, this entire article could have been written by a sugar-addled tween.

In a word, it sucked.
The "fucks" are what let you know Megan wrote it, as opposed to a sugar-addled tween.
JF - you're a giant douche face.
Did it tell you something about what to expect from this movie?
I'm taking a child to it tomorrow. I don't go to animated movies. I'm an adult male. I mostly avoid them. (No - no anime - though I know all sorts of adult males like it. No - for the most part, no Pixar - though I know many adult males like their work as well).
This review did what it was meant to do: it gave me an idea of what to expect from a movie I felt unsure about from the start (not so much of the dog, fuck the cat, thank good christ for the hamster). Ok. My expectations are in check.

Did you just comment to be a douche? If you didn't get what you wanted from this review - find another on this thing called the internets and see if you like that one. Then another. And probably another. To infinity, since you just seem to want to shit on people who put things out there to help you.
I think a childish review of a children's movie is the appropriate format all other critics should adopt. It keeps the reader honest about the tripe served up to our children as entertainment. I would only expect a review with more depth when its subject merits it. Kudos; I laughed.
I love Megan. I love recognition that movies often use the fat sidekick. I love dogs. I hate cats. I love the phrase "freaks the fuck out." I love this review. Thank you.