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The Soloist: Homeless People Say the Darndest Things


"Homeless people smoke the darndest crack!" is the best sentence that has ever happened to me, I think.

(Oh, and I also think Downey should have let Jamie Foxx in on his "nobody goes...." idea from Tropic Thunder.)
God, it looks just fucking awful.
I clicked through from Slog to read this specifically because I was hoping you'd talk about Hobos. And you gave me so. much. more.
i really feel like ive seen the movie from the preview. no thanks.
Is there a direct line from The Caveman's Valentine to this movie? I mean, haven't we pretty much seen it before? Homeless black guy is musical genius, thus surprising uptight white people everywhere?
I am very impressed with you for not using the word "hobo" once during this review.
i love homebos
Every time I see a commercial for this movie I get "Mr. Wendal" by Arrested Development stuck in my head...
I especially hate the line in the trailer when Downey's talking about Foxx and says something like, "He will guide you home." That's just the cheesiest, most overwrought line ever. I hope it's somehow better in the movie than in the trailer because I don't want to think a movie with such a cheesy line in it could get made by people who should know better.

Although the cheesiest trailer in the last several years is still "Amazing Grace."
I wish I could knife the shit out of this movie!
God, how many more movies about mentally challenged black folks who've lost their former glory who are then re-discovered by angsty white folks do we need? This is totally a movie that didn't need to move beyond being a trailer -- it's beyond obvious. I love me some Robert Downey, Jr. (esp. after "Iron Man"), but come on, Bobby. These are the types of movies you make on your way back up, not after you've made the comeback.
Eat your cinematic hearts out Mr. Hollands Opus, American Movie, American Splendor...I could go on but I got bored. Been there, done that. NEXT!
too funny!

"August Rush" was better
I agree. "Homeless people smoke the darndest crack!" Is like the best written sentence in modern literature to date. It REALLY is. Like that is HILARIOUS. Go Stranger!
I'm lookin for a beautiful asian bride?
In the movie Jamie Foxx is mentally ill not mentally challenged (there is a difference)..just thought I'd clear that up
Thank you Lindy.
I feel sooooo white...sooooo lame!!!!

Pidge of redemption!

Lindy, you're the best.
It's based on a daily newspaper column, which more than accounts to any remotely intelligent viewer for the Velveeta speeches, the story-in-progress qualification and and the triumph-of-the-human spirit cliches that you so savage. A divine being will be conjured out of the ether solely to create a peridition to burn up this author for her contempt for literature, culture, sympathy for one's fellow man and even mass literacy. Seriously, you should burn in hell for trashing a eulogy to newspapers' civic importance.
Why the fuck would I pay to watch a movie about a homeless guy with schizo?

I can see that kinda action on the street for free!