Ponyo: Warm Below the Storm


Yeah but where is it playing in Seattle? When does it start?
For those who don't appreciate american celebrity voice-acting dubbed over their Miyazaki films, Scarecrow Video has the Japanese language DVD with English subtitles in stock as of a couple weeks ago fyi.
this film so good ,i have enjoy it several months ago
@2: When I saw the trailer last week, at the end I thought, "What the hell is this movie about?" All I knew were how many celebrities were in it, because that was the whole trailer. CATE BLANCHETT! LIAM NEESON! COME TO THIS MOVIE BECAUSE IT HAS PEOPLE YOU KNOW!
It's playing at Metro right now in the U District (on the 44 bus route, or near the 49).
I took the wife and kids to see it over the weekend and we all loved it. The only people who would be scared are the parents over how much responsibility is given to the kids in the story.
Although I still don't love English dubs, this one is much better than average. The voice talents are quality and they blend in with the dialog and story quite well. Mercifully, they seem to have gone for actors who really bring the characters to life rather than just for their name recognition.
uh, all animated films are dubbed...also, despite hipster love for Miyazaki, this IS a children's film. How are non-Japanese speaking 5 year olds supposed to read subtitles?

Saw this Saturday. It's very sweet, but definitely meant for very young children...it's NOT Princess Mononoke or Spirited Away.

The English voice actors were fine, except for Liam Neeson who was miscast.
thanks for the head-ups on dubbing, i'll look for it on dvd because I studied Japanese for years both at the HS and university level and dubbed movies always loses the feeling that was intended for it in the movie's native language. yea yea. call me a purist
This is a great movie for kids and I think most adults who aren't assholes will enjoy it too.