You Kill Like a Girl

Kick-Ass Almost Kicks Ass


I saw this piece of shit earlier this year and was bored after the first 20 minutes. This is a dumb movie that thinks it is smarter then every other superhero film. FAILURE!! BORING!!
I have a feeling this film will be on your mind for a long while.
Thank you for those last two paragraphs, Paul. Millar only ever wrote one, maybe two, good comics on his own--most of the time he's all the way up his own ass and completely missing the mark.
meh. I'm a fan of this comic - so I'll give it a serious day in court. But that 1st showing will dictate if this is a see once and move on - or something I'll pick up on Blu-Ray to add to the collection.
While I dislike miller's captain america character, you miss the point when you say that he's badly written. He's actually written very well, if as bit of an thck, well intentioned asshole.

Similiarly, you miss the point of this movie. Miller is making the point that, yes, super hero comics(and heroes) are stupid concepts. But he's also making the point the he(and we) love them. It's all in the last scence, where the granster cynically says 'no one does that many pushups, kid', and hit girl say 'i do'.

The fact is that miller lives super heroes, just as Alan Moore did before him. But, like s lot of nerdfare, you need to be able to get it before you get it. Miller isn't mad about superheroes: he's just pissed of that most people, including the reviewer, just don't get them, and try to reduce them to smirking soundbites.

The problem, of course, is that it's not that simple: for a lot of us, superheroes are the modern logos and ethos. We like them, we look to their stories for hidden moral messages, and we get pissed off when they're handled badly.

Think of it this way: miller is a purist. He seeks to explore the essence of things, and expose them, sans their normal form. That is why he wrote a superhero book about super heroes who aren't super. I just wish more people got it.
This is a nice review, but I wonder if it's too much informed by the comic. I haven't read the comic, but the movie was far more in love with the idea of superheroes than the reviewer gives it credit for. It's about how superheroes are dumb and dangerous, true. And it's about how the shit is awesome, true. But it's also about how superheroes may be dumb and dangerous in real life, but are also powerfully inspirational.

The scene were Kick Ass says he'd rather die than let 3 thugs gang up on a man than be a slack-jawed bystander is the true center of the movie. Behind the satire, the ridiculousness, the ultraviolence, there's a beating heart that cares about and approves of its central character.
Apologies for the first sentence of my second paragraph. "...rather die than let 3 thugs gang up on a man while being a slack-jawed bystander..."
The whole point is that being a superhero IS dumb and what they do IS awesome.

Stop the hatin.

Can't wait for the sequel - Kick-Ass II: Hit-Girl Hits Back.
Honestly, I took the film for what it was when I saw an ultra-early screening (which turned out to be the final cut): absurdist superhero film send-up as Paul alluded to. Go, shut off your brain, enjoy the gratuitous homages, laugh when your told, and just go with it. It's not a higher-brain function film. It's reptilian.

The scene of him beating up the guys outside the diner, right up to the "I'M KICK-ASS!!!!!" cell phone video bit was the best part of the entire film. That desperate nature of the fight I recall was just literally perfect and captured in a perfect nutshell what it would be to be a real-life superhero without powers or Bruce Wayne nonsense. That 120~ seconds is brilliant.

Also, Millar's best work ever was Red Son. Hands-down one of the best Superman works ever done. That and Hitman #34 (for the ultra-geek out there--remember, the conversation between Superman and Tommy on the Gotham rooftop, about the space shuttle disaster?), which may just be the best single Superman story of all time. Ironic that a Scot and an Irishman both can nail Superman better than any American has yet.
Saw it last night and loved it loved it loved it.
I saw it last week at a screening. I enjoyed the hell out of it and so did the crowd. Forget Millar for a sec and focus on the director Matthew Vaughn. He has put together a great Tarantino-esque comic book action film.

Go see it. Have a blast cheering for Hit-Girl who pretty much steals the movie.
I thought it was horrible. Unless you think people getting graphically killed is hilarious, and enjoy watching every woman in the movie extremely degraded then I would not recommend watching it. If I was with anybody other than my best friend I would have got up and walked out, especially if I was with my brother, because how humiliating would it be to sit there and watch some guy jerk off to his teacher acting like she was out of a porn video. Watching an eleven year old sociopath murder people and the crowd laughing is not my idea of a good time.
Saw it yesterday and loved the hell out of it. This entire review boils down to a few sentences that I disagree with:

"Kick-Ass is about how superheroes are basically a dumb, dangerous idea with elements of creepy serial-killer behavior, but it's also about how wearing costumes, blowing shit up, and kicking the asses of anonymous mob guys like in video games is totally fucking awesome. Those two ideas simply aren't compatible."

Those two ideas are perfectly compatible for anyone who is capable of any sort of complexity in their worldview, anyone whose existential milestones come in shades other than black and white.
@12: clearly you need to research your movie selections more thoroughly. And growing a backbone might help you walk out of movies that you consider "horrible." I for one have never sat through a movie I though was "horrible." Ever. Bitching about anti-feminist subtext in a movie when you lack the personal agency to fucking leave a situation that you hate is really sad.
at 1: obvious troll is obvious.

I really enjoyed this movie but felt like they were intentionally giving me emotional whiplash.
Jesus, lighten the fuck up people. It's good, ultra-violent fun with a bit of realism and self-awareness thrown in for good measure. I would think someone who takes cinema seriously would applaud it for being more cerebral than the more simplistic super-hero movies out there and for taking chances most Hollywood films wouldn't dare; c.f. violent and foul-mouthed little girls.
I loved this movie. It was laugh-out-loud bloodthirsty insanity. If you don't agree than go suck it because today is my birthday. May the fourth be with you.
the movie is great. so fun. hit girl is incredible.

don't listen to the whiny review or the negative comments from the sad dorks on here. none of them could create something as cool as this movie.
The fact that there's so much talk about this movie just proves that it served one of its purposes... To create controversy.

Another purpose it fulfills well is in communicating the message that most people just watch how bad things happen and do nothing, and that happened when this particular guy decides to do something in his own way, and although it is all surreal, it wouldn't surprise me if it inspired people to simply take action in helping our fellow man not necessarily dressing up and all that but each one of us in our own way, in our daily lives, our jobs, schools, at home, our family, friends, strangers... anyone.

And finally, the movie serves the purpose of all movies and the reason we see them... ENTERTAINMENT!!! so lighten up people, it's JUST A MOVIE, and it's a KICK ASS movie I must say!

I'm not particularly into superhero movies, but I thought this was great fun.