Robin Hood: Origins

There's a Good Chance Ridley Scott Has Gone Senile


God, and they're letting him do Blood Meridian.
A few years ago, when I first heard about this project, it was going to be told from the perspective of the Sheriff of Nottingham... I wonder why it changed.
@ duckgirlie: probably because Russel Crowe didn't see himself as the glowering, quasi-evil, phone-throwing *ahem* I mean tax-thieving villain.
One cannot help but wonder if there is ANY movie made you would enjoy?

I saw this movie in a theater full of viewers, a virtual sellout, and no one went away disappointed from what I could see.

Best movie ever? No. But hardly as bad as you and countless other critics make it out to be.
I had hoped that Gladiator, which was terribly dull except for Joachim Phoenix's expert chewing of scenery, was an outlier in Mr. Scott's fabulous oeuvre. But no, it was the first hint of decline which has lead to the Crusades movie and now this. The man who made the Duelists, Alien, Blade Runner and BlackHawk Down now makes condescending, trite, pompous and slow films. Getting old is a bitch.