So as a film about "the institution of the family" is the film successful?
Seriously? So because it's on a subject he hates, we don't get a movie review? Arg.
I cannot believe that Mudhead actually gets paid to "write"...another miserable fucking FAIL
for a "review" of the film check here…
in the US "we have an overemphasis on the importance of family and the individual." well i think in your review you have an overemphasis on... boring stuff. surely you know that the US places *a lot* less emphasis on the family unit than many other world cultures. and isn't it kind of redundant to say there's an overemphasis on both family and the individual? did you even watch the whole movie? i somehow get the feeling you didn't....
Charles, this movie is about economics and family is only attendant on that. I'm surprised that you, of all people, could not see this.

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