Predators: Dreadlocks, Beasties, and Adequate Thrills


Uugghh, I get sad every time someone compares my genitals to something gross.
Sorry, this was very hard to read without a pic of Adrian Brodys new awesome chest. Could you please fix?
@1 But boys like gross things.
Ah, that's why I've been seeing references to the Predator and Alien franchises around lately. I didn't know there was a new one out.

I greatly enjoyed Aliens vs. Predator at the Cinerama a few years back; it was the environment of being around several hundred other fans that made it so fun. That said, I think I'll wait until this one hits Netflix before I check it out.
This film was the best of all the franchise, as well as the best written science fiction films I have seen since the original. Perfect beginning, perfect ending(?)
Rodriguez is indeed the new B-movie god