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Edgar Wright's Nerd Explosion Is as Good as the Books


@1 Ditto.
@2 ditto your ditto
@3 ditto... your mom!
Everyone I know is more excited than I am about this movie, but I love what I'm hearing (and am willing to give it a shot based on Michael Cera).

I'm out the door to go catch a matinee right now. If Paul liked this as much as it seems he did, I should have a good time.
Hmmm. I'm skeptical. I am not a Michael Cera fan. I thought he was cloying in Juno. I don't hate him. I just think he's kind of over-rated, and his shy-nerd schtick wears on me.

Since the whole movie rests on him, do you think it is possible to enjoy this movie if I am decidedly not a Cera fan?
As a big fan of the comics I mourned the Cera decision--I was certain it would ruin everything. After seeing the film tonight I have to admit that my dread was unfounded: because the Scott Pilgrim character is intrinsically flawed and fallible, it kind of works if you go into it not liking the actor much. (Plus, you get to see Cera getting beaten up A LOT. Kind of a plus!)

Also, *every* other character/actor is so spot-on perfect that it eclipses qualms you might have with Cera.

And that's my nerdy $0.02
So, I got back from the showing a few hours ago, and, to make it short, found it thoroughly enjoyable.

Had I realized when I left that this was the same director that made Sean of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, I would have been even more excited when I left. But starting from the 16-bit take on the Universal Pictures screen, I didn't go more than about one minute between laughs until the credits rolled.
@7 I'm with you. I was worried that Cera would be too low-key and meek to play a character who can kind of a big loud idiot in the comics, but I was pleasantly surprised. He did play it in his usual low-key affectations, but he (and the direction) still managed to pull off the character pretty well. And the other characters were portrayed excellently, so over all it's all good.
This movie actually was extremely awesome, and anyone who hasn't seen it yet should be ashamed of themselves.
Completely agree with 7. I had the EXACT SAME reaction when I found out Cera was going to be Scott : "urg. Why??"

But he actually surprised me in this role. I found myself forgetting I was watching Micheal Cera. Not to mention the rest of the cast ROCKED. Super rocked. Everything about this movie (save the end I thought it was a bit lack luster) was AMAZING. LOVE times a thousand.
I saw it last night and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. In fact, I loved it.
@6 Disclaimer: I've never read the comics.But I have seen Arrested Development, and while I love it, I can't stand Micheal Cera in anything else. Until I saw this movie. I can't really explain why--perhaps because the rest of the film is just such a delight. It didn't make me a Cera convert, but I did enjoy him in this role, and I'll probably even see it a second time.
"natural born killers" featuring a long list of strong performances by talented multifaceted actors failed... but this camp, full of weak actors doing the same schtick over and over makes it...? it's a bad idea to bring real films into the discussion (let alone dis them) if you want to make junk like this seem palatable.
My favorite movie of the year, by far.

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