The Tillman Story: Pat Tillman Finally Gets the Tribute He Deserves


OK, I recognize this is a film review, but it does a dis-service to Jon Krakauer's book, Where Men Win Glory. It came out last year, and actually did give Pat Tillman "the tribute he deserves". It is based in part on interviews with Pat's wife Marie (who lived in Univeristy Place and commuted to Seattle while Pat was abroad), brother, and fellow soldiers. But mostly it draws from Pat's journals, which make for heart-breaking reading. I would urge everyone who cares about this copuntry to read it. I'm sure the film is great, because Schmader is usually right; but the book is meticulous, revealing and downright gripping.
Bullshit. A real tribute would be an end to the Afghanistan War. Hello, he was ready Chomsky.