well since no one bothered to comment i will. the swedes and finns make weird films yes but this one i'll skip, but i will reccomend one called "dead snow" i forget what exactly they called it in what ever language it was but it has been dubbed into english. the translations are a little off, i saw the sub titled version first then the dubbed and a few differences were there. anyway tag lines zombie nazis , stupid kids in woods , nazi zombie gold (lol) naked girls , (yay) , sex in an out house at -20 brrr, body parts flying every where, and a guy cuts off his own arm with a chain saw because he was bitten by a zombie ! if you cant find it on dvd at some cap hill hipster dvd rental place you can watch it on you tube in 10 to 15 minute chunks like i did ! woot !gotta love that copy right ingringment !
Saw it yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. I'm not a very festive person, so I enjoyed this fairly clever and darkly comic take on things.

Dead Snow is pretty fun too, although much stupider (not necessarily a bad thing) and not technically a zombie movie.
Dead Snow is available on Netflix streaming
My kid wouldn't be bothered by a naked old man, but she'd have nightmares for months if she saw gore splatter. I'd expect The Stranger to have their priorities in the right place...
There's no gore spatter in this movie. There's threat of cutting a human body into pieces in a butcher shop, but it doesn't happen. I think it's fine for kids who won't freak at a sinister Santa.
There's also a pig being butchered, and a pig head used as bait for wolves.
@5 This line "delivering a sharply askew Home Alone riff goosed by brief bits of more traditional horror splatter (St. Nick has a thing for ears, apparently). " had me thinking it had splatter for some reason.

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