Art House

My Regrets


I regret ever enjoying Charles Mudede's writing, as it turns out he is the most boring, pompous windbag this paper has ever published.
What a ridiculous thing to say and then to have someone retell. Yes, the actor is Sudanese, not Egyptian. There are flaws with the film, but he certainly isn't one of them. I'm not surprised the symbolic nature of the characters escaped you and your friend (as that is one of the flaws of the movie), but I am surprised at your boastful ignorance.
Ugh. I regret checking your film section today (I've avoided it for nearly a year) to see what sort of review (if any) you gave "Salt of This Sea," playing at the Grand Illusion this week. Not only is there no mention of the film anywhere on your site, but in "today's showtimes," The Grand Illusion Cinema isn't even listed as one of Seattle's movie theaters. (FYI, it's in the University District.)

Against my better judgement I then clicked on your so-called "Art House" column, only to find that Charles still can't write a single paragraph without mentioning his international travels and the fact that he's "an artist"—with gallery installations in Spain, Europe!! Then we learn that Charles no longer likes "one of the best films you will see this year," just because some even bigger, even more international windbag artist told him he shouldn't.

You guys rock. Keep up the good work.
@3: The GI is the first theater listed under the "University District" category at… . Is it not listed when you view the page?

<3 Alex