Film/TV Feb 10, 2011 at 4:00 am

And Something About The Eagle or Whatever

Keith Bernstein


He only takes his shirt off once? What does he do for the rest of the movie? Act?!*

I found this as difficult to type as you think it did.
know what's good with tater tots? ketchup.
"Basically, this is a buddy-cop comedy about imperialism and mud."

I love you Lindy West!
BWAHHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, there's no content in my comment. But the review is veryveryveryvery funny AND a masterpiece of economy (only 522 words!).

A sidekick says Slog needs a "BWAHHAHAHAHA!" BUTTON. There's some content!

That is all. (BWAH HA!)
Scotland 1, Romans and Tatum Channing's dick, 0.
What was this written by a 12 year old girl? Geez Stranger you really have sunken to new lows of journalism. Does anyone there know anything about running a newspaper? What the fuck?
I liked this movie better when it was the series Rome on HBO.
@6 yeah forget all that. these guys believe themselves to be too hip to have to actually know anything about writing or journalism. God forbid this fishwrap actually has some sort of meaning or substance other than juvenile rantings, raves and teeny bopper movie reviews. oh well so it goes. it is fun to read sometimes. I also use it to wipe my ass with when I go camping which is probably the best purpose this fishwrap has. besides well being a fishwrap.

I just don't let it bother me. Worse things out there than a bunch of hacks who believe themselves to be writers but their writing only proves them to be hacks.
I saw on Thursday and I'm glad I had free tickets.

I was hoping for a cheesy peplum or a Roman Rambo. Instead, it's a movie that shows us the evils of imperialism, explains to us exactly why it's bad and then doesn't give a shit in the end.

Also, the savages look like white people when they lose their make-up, so they weren't really evil.

Awkward and boring.
When's the article titled VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA
coming out?
Um, sirkowski, as for the savages looking like white people...the natives of Soctland during the Roman conquest, ie. the Caledonians, were described as being tall and generally red-headed. They were white people. This is Scotland we're talking about, not S.America.

That's all.
A play to Celtophilia in the U.S.? Those manly, savage, Scots dealing with Roman lady boys....who aren't Italian. If it uses the time honored tradition of the Romans actually having English accents and being, well, English, we might be dealing with another manifestation of bad English people exploiting virtuous Scots, only in Roman form. Not saying that they didn't actually do that, but it plays well in Peoria, where many people's "Scottish Heritage" involves sending away for an Authentic Tartan Pattern from a mail order genealogy place and watching Brave Heart....another movie.
I sure as shit wouldn't want to put that in my mouth!
Boiling water on penis: HILARIOUS.

Lindy West: SO CLASSY.

Fat people: so, so off limits.

Moral high ground: looking pretty swampy, isn't it?

(thanks to seeker6079 for pointing this out)
Disce Pati, dear penis, disce pati.

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