You realize that while elected in 2000, Bush wasn't in office until 2001, right?
Interesting that along the very same timeline, a whistleblower at the International Petroleum Exchange in London, shortly after they were acquired by ICE (InterContinental Exchange -- and later changed its name to ICE Futures) had his life irrevocably destroyed (lost just about everything, including wife and family and home when they went after him legally and employment-wise) for pointing out all the speculation going on there in oil/energy.

ICE was financed by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, BP, Royal Dutch/Shell, Total, etc., and later was involved not only in considerable speculation in the oil and energy areas, but commodities, foodstuffs, chemicals and substances involved in the refinery process -- in other words across the board by way of its various subsidiaries, with the principal traders being Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

Great review...

As another example of conservative hypocrisy regarding Madoff, you might be familiar with the case of Mike Rosen (a radio 'personality') and Tom Tancredo (a truly vile one-time presedential canidate) both from Colorado and who lost millions via Madoff.

Both of these guys are huge laissez-faire, anti-government types. The poetic justice is simply awesome.…
And along with Mr. Mudede's great review....

Matt Taibbi's excellent reportage on the corruption called the SEC:…
I dont think the repuklickins need any help looking criminal or ignorant ?
Bohner or Perry or any of them? I am amazed at how Obama can keep civil toung. He must be where all that oxycotin is going.

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