The Sitter: Journey to the Near-Bottom of the Post-Apatow Raunch Comedy Swamp


Pineapple Express was also pretty shitty, despite the reviews.

Wot a wast of ten bucks, I now know better than to trust bro reviewers on "bro" comedies.

Be happy to skip this one, too.
I made this exact graphic you mention (as a bar chart of only actual Apatow films) as a joke for a friend of mine after a disagreement over such matters. Nothing after the first three spots was particularly well thought out because, er, it wasn't really worth the energy to begin with.

David Gordon Green is a national treasure and Your Highness was hilarious. Some think he's grown turgid since George Washington and All The Real Girls, but I do not. He brings the same touch to sex comedies and stoner comedies. I've disliked Paul Constant and his turgid national political commentary for a long time. This review solidifies for me that if anyone is turgid, it's Constant.
I guarantee this will make money.
I miss Lindy.
@1 What in the world is a "bro" comedy?
The beginning of the end of the formula was Seth Rogan in Zach and Miri Make a Porno. A hugely self-flagellistic flick full of deprecating misery that gave Woody Allen a run for his money.
A bro comedy is a sausage fest -- in which the bros relationship to each other supersedes every other, and is at the expense of every other.
Ive got bro tendencies, and am pumped (bro term) to go see this tonight. I have no understanding whatsoever why critics choose to bash comedies, comedy is subjective. I thought 30 min or less was great, I thought bridesmaids was great, I thought Hangover 2 sucked dick, who cares. This will be funny, I will take a couple shots go see this with my boo, LOL and if Im lucky get a handy. The stranger needs to stick to reviewing art house movies no one will ever see
@3: I can't speak about turgidity, but fuck yeah, Slim. Your Highness was awesome. (And I love David Gordon Green's "serious stuff." Undertow is one of my favoritest movies ever.)

@7: too bad that one was Kevin Smith, not Judd Apatow.