Film/TV Mar 7, 2012 at 4:00 am

How Seattle Native TJ Martin Became a History-Making Oscar Winner

TJ Martin


i remember bam bam! his mom and dad are GORGEOUS. congrats on finally getting your WWU diploma, TJ.
Excellent article! Thank you for coming to the WWU screening and writing a different perspective on the movie and his life.
It's a great soccer movie!

(oh, wait, the other one)

Yeah, that one too!
I love TJ & I love the film. And I love you Jen for showing TJ love. This world needs more Coach Courtneys! And yes Bam Bam paved the way for Seattle grunge! They're originals...
congrats and great stuff. mr. TJ, may i suggest a film about your uncle Ernie C.
This is by far the most honest and insightful article about my son TJ that I have had the pleasure to read: Kudos to Jen Graves and respect XXL.
So appreciated from a Parent-

tommy martin ( senior )

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