Film/TV Mar 14, 2012 at 4:00 am

The Duplass Brothers Try to Hit it Big with Jeff, Who Lives at Home, Will Ferrell Learns Spanish in Casa di mi Padre

“Sé cómo disparar a un hombre en dos idiomas.”


In my opinion the Duplass Brothers should have stayed north;)
I cant find any of that brand of humor funny and really never could? the twists of refer madness national lampoon, Porky's,space balls and even young Frankenstein were just so close in juxtaposition that they make your eyes bleed after watching 5 of the types.

to the point you know the stupid racial stereo type joke is coming or not.

great for making out in the back seat at the drive-in but Drive-ins are few and far between and girls like Alanis Morissette are hard to find.…

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