A Boy Named Boy

A Harsh Kiwi Childhood, Illuminated by Optimistic Pop


Beautiful writeup. I LOVE this film - everyone should go see it!
It opens Friday, March 23 at Landmark’s Varsity Theater - there are Q&As with the director Taika Waititi Opening Weekend (March 23 following the 7:00pm show, March 24 following the 4:40pm and 7:00pm shows)
Good overview, although also pretty fascinating that the word "Maori" doesn't appear even once - kind of misses a major point of the movie...
Kia Ora from New Zealand. :-)

I love that you love "Boy"; I enjoyed it too. I'm that same age as Boy, so watching this movie brought back a lot of memories for me, though I grew up in Auckland, not Small Town NZ, and I'm a Pakeha; (European) NZ'er, not Maori. I remember Poi E rocketing up the Charts and calling people an "egg" if they annoyed you. I hope that Boy's distinctive Maori humour translated sufficiently for you to be able to understand, and fully appreciate it.

Much Aroha; (Love) from Christchurch, New Zealand. :-)
You could have also mentioned that it's by the same guy who did Eagle vs Shark, as that film has a fair amount of fans.