Battleship: A Commercial for the Navy, Based on a Board Game, Starring Rihanna


You do know that Rihanna doesn't actually write her own songs, right?

Other than that, good review.
Supposedly, the Peter David novelization is pretty good (if you like Peter David).
Yeah this movie does not look good, but by my count there are 6-7 good movies to see this summer, so I wouldn't said there is a void. But to each their own.

Oh and Paul liberals can't get boners from America, Fuck Yeah Moments?
I'm thinking it needs a cute Robot like "Twiggy" from Buck Rogers.. or Shia Labeouf
So..It's not as good as Top Gun? I mean I wanted to join the Navy after seeing Top Gun in high school. Though not to serve my country..more like to serve...nevermind
When even the trailer for a movie makes me cringe, I take that as a bad sign. I will pass on this one.

I already have a boner for Prometheus, which looks !000% better than this piece of shit.
@3 Die in a fire you disgusting, servile sycophant.

And indeed Paul, that was precisely where I stopped reading.
@7 Seriously?
Because my life is empty, I watched a reality show called "Dream Machines" a couple nights ago (brothers have family business doing amazing things with steel and machinery and building vehicles! original TV!). Peter Berg called and asked them to build a special vehicle just for the Battleship Premiere (it was a badass car, although destined to never be used again). Berg came across as the living embodiment of the movie you just described. A charisma-lacking, personality-deprived douchefuck with dead eyes.
I miss Lindy's reviews.
Lindy's take on Sex and the City II was the best film review ever!
I was so shocked this movie was so good! I had no idea it was going to be that good. If you are a Sci fi lover, you'll just die. I give it four stars. A must see.