Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2013


Cool: Your ticket to THE CRUMBLES (well-reviewed above) also gets you in to the multi-award-winning short comedy THE BUNGLERS, which plays before it along with the short film NOTCH!

TICKETS: http://crumbles-eorg.eventbrite.com/#

See THE BUNGLERS trailer: http://vimeo.com/45777132
This is the best article that I've ever read! All the films sound amazing!
While I agree SIFF is bloated, I've always found the name of STIFF kind of stupid. SIFF doesn't claim to be independent but international.

What could be less independent than a Joss Whedon film?
I think my comment comes off a little harsh though. I really love film. I like SIFF, bloated and non-independent and all, but I'm definitely going to see if there are some STIFF shows I can see as well.