This Is the End: The World's Last, Best Buddy Film


Can't believe you spoiled the Channing Tatum surprise cameo. One of the best parts of the movie. Shame.
This isn't so much a buddy film as The Dean Martin Show for Gen M-X.

Where every joke involves making some reference to some other funny thing that happened between the "Rat Pack" in other comedies, and the audience knows it because they're 'in' on the joke, and so they don't have to actually make real jokes, they just have to refer to the previous jokes, and by some sort of imprinting as to what is funny...the audience laughs.,%…

@1, If merely mentioning Channing Tatum's name in a review spoils the whole movie for you, then I don't know how you manage to survive in this world, o delicate flower.
@3 - And now you've gone and said it a second time. Any more and you might just ruin the whole film industry.
Superbad is about tied with Hot Fuzz for most fun I've ever had at a movie theater, and if your overall impression is that positive despite the misgivings you stated, I guess I'll have to give this one a shot (as well as The World's End in August, of course). This wasn't even on my radar despite Rogan's appearance on TDS the other night, but it's just jumped up to "must see."
God I hate Seth Rogen. Oh well, whatever.
Disagree that it was funnier than Superbad, but it was really fun and silly.
Cienna, #1 said you ruined a surprise cameo, not that you ruined the entire movie.

Reviews usually contain some summarization of the plot and people are silly to read them before seeing a film. If you need to consult some critical consensus before buying a ticket, look at the rating on Rotten Tomatoes and leave it at that.