The Wolf of Wall Street: Money, Sex, Quaaludes (and Scorsese at His Best)


The Oscar is Jonah Hill's to lose. (Also, wishing perhaps we hadn't picked this as the movie to watch with my parents on Christmas day. Bit awkward/very sexual sitting with the folks, is all)
great movie but long. it gave you a chance to catch your breath between the binges though. the drugs brought back memories and the sex was great. over the top but it's wall street and Hollywood.
I wish it was 1 hour shorter, and ended with the entire office being mowed down with machine guns. The chest-pumping chants brought back memories of how repulsed I was at those Reagan-loving, greed obsessed all-American power-tie wearing assholes. Is there a Martin Scorsese film,other than "Hugo", that doesn't objectify women as the innocent housewives with no real character other than "Housewife". "American Hustle" had incredible meaty character driven roles for both sexes where the women actually had individual lives and thoughts other than,
"What about our child! Men are so selfish! You need to visit us housewives more and stop chumming with the guys"!