Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering: Exposing Dodgy Scientific Practices


Since neither you nor the film give any sense of counterpoint, here are some links:……
Rather than providing valid counterpoints these two sources spread orthodx medical propaganda. But what would you expect from two big pawns and mouthpieces of the business of conventional medicine: the American Cancer Society and a group supporting and allied to another propaganda group, quackwatch (see what' really behind that cartel: )? You really have to be very blind, gullible, or ignorant to still put much trust into these sources of information.

Almost all mainstream media sources have discounted and dismissed the Merola film on Moss about a cancer therapy cover-up as some unsupported "one opinion" theory, lacking circumstantial evidence. The presence in such lackluster journalism is evident just by the fact that the movie makes it clear that it isn't just Moss' opininon but it is a FACT verified, in more than one way, by the head scientist at Sloan-Kettering, Dr. Sugiura, who did that promising research on laetrile.

But calling it Moss' OPINION (or denouncing him otherwise) is part of the strategy of "damage control" by the medical orthodoxy and their allied corporate mainstream media partners.

The fact that Sugiura confirmed what he had found (such as in a press conference), makes this move automatically more than a single account (eg Moss') piece of evidence.

And, if one looks at the conventional cancer industry over the last century one can find MANY similar cases of suppression of alternative cancer therapies as presented in Merola's film.

And, these corrupt criminal shenanigans of the medical industry and the government bureaucracies are ongoing today. Example, cancer statistics get routinely used deceptively and vital facts get ignored or dismissed by the establishment (mammography is a fitting example: see "The Mammogram Myth" by Rolf Hefti - more at… ).

The recently uncovered fraud committed by the federal CDC regarding data on vaccines (which is carefully suppressed and hidden by the corporate media) is yet another clear fact that this criminal mafia is fully alive today, hoodwinking and harming unwitting people in the millions.

Believing in the medical industry as an unbiased, non-corrupt entity is like believing that the US political leaders is telling you the truth: both shallow beliefs are myths and utter delusions -made possible by relentless propaganda by these business industries.
Dear Stranger:

You totally screwed the pooch on this one.

1. Memorial Sloan-Kettering is NOT a pharmaceutical corporation but a world-leading cancer hospital and research centre associated with Cornell University's medical school.

2. Ralph W. Moss was a science writer for MSK. His degree is in classics. He does not have a scientific background.

3. Laetrile has been debunked as a cancer treatment eight ways from Sunday.

And you guys really get paid to write this crap?
Dear Stranger,

Ignore this sore loser, Lou. Posting "science based medicine" blogs are a dead give away. A hate-filled propaganda blog written by a sociopath is no source.

Thanks for covering this film, The Stranger!

One things the sore losers don't like is proof or fact. Here is proof that the heads of Sloan-Kettering were advocates of laetrile before lying through their teeth about it:

Link to FOIA document:…

Link to all documents used in the film:…

What people like Lou also cant' stand is this: this film, Mr. Merola, and Ralph Moss are not advocating the use of Laetrile, nor are they saying it works in humans. There hasn't been a properly designed clinical trial yet designed to prove if it work in people (stopping the spread of cancer 80% of the time) like it did in mice at MSKCC.

All this documentary is saying is this: MSKCC once worked hard to open clinical trials with Laetrile, the gov't wouldn't let them, and they were then forced to lie about their own studies. It's that simple.

Lou, please grow up. And admit you haven't seen the film, and haven't the slightest clue as to what you type.

Oh, and by the way Lou, your head will likely explode when you read this (published August 19, 2014 with randomized human trials to follow:

"Amygdalin Blocks Bladder Cancer Cell Growth"

PLOS ONE peer-reviewed medical journal:…

Links to the above comment that got cut off:

FOIA/proof & all documents:
(first, see June 2, 1974 link)…

Aug. 19, 2014 - PLOS ONE amygdalin/laetrile study: