Tracks: A Woman Walks Across the Australian Outback



Then why does the camel have a saddle for 2 riders?
Picnic at Hanging Rock starred Hanging Rock in Victoria, thousands of miles from Uluru/Ayers Rock which is in the Northern Territory.

Great story though. The author Robyn Davidson later lived with Doris Lessing and married Salman Rushdie
@2 Thanks for the comment. I researched that claim and found several sources connecting Ayers Rock to Picnic at Hanging Rock. Suffice to say: there's a lot of misinformation on the Internet. If I'm not mistaken, the formation does appear in Cry in the Dark. Also, Davidson and Rushdie were involved, but not married.
I think it's a bit sloppy that you say "Tracks" is opening today "at various theaters", when clearly it's not showing anywhere here yet. I'm sure that it will--hopefully soon, but unless you have information I don't have, it's not opening in Seattle on Sept. 26th. I know it opened in the Bay Area today.
More importantly, I saw "Tracks" at the film festival last spring, and it is a fantastic cinematic achievement. (Oh yeah, the saddles are there to carry supplies. I read Ms. Davidson's memoir, and saw the film, and she did not ride the camels.
@4 The publicity and promotions company representing this film in Seattle informed writers and editors that the film would be opening on 9/26.
Man picnic at Hanging Rock was a great movie.
"Tracks" is subtle and profound. I found it very moving - a unique film and Mia Wasikowska was remarkable in the lead.
@6 Don't know if you've seen Peter Weir's director's cut, but it's actually shorter. Also, for those who haven't seen and/or want to see Tracks, I left a message with the publicist on Friday about the Seattle opening that didn't happen.
The film opens on Oct. 3 at Sundance Cinemas.