Jennifer Lawrence, the Reluctant Revolutionary

Mockingjay Does a Better Job of Conveying the War-Is-Hell Message Than This Year’s Oscar-Bait World War II Movie Fury


I'm super duper excited to see this movie just as soon as possible!
"Donald Sutherland, bringing some class to the lost art of mustache twirling" - lines like that keep me coming back to you, Paul!
i won't watch these last 2 movies 'cause now that i've read the (thoroughly) disappointing books i know where we're headed and it ain't worth it::

collins spends 800-900 pages establishing katniss as a confused yet furiously independent woman who needs only herself and family (gale,her mom, & prim) and in the end katniss chooses weak-ass peeta and babies!!??!!

gale was always confident, always decisive, (more importantly) always right and always in love with katniss (so much so that he could ignore the interplay with her & peeta.)

peeta sucked sucked sucked, got tortured and was cute (really cute) - so time to make the babies!

hey, teenage girls - feeling independent and awesome? - give it up - have kids instead. and make sure you turn your back on the one person who always loved you and you had the most connection with - because fuck happiness and freedom, have babies!

@3 - I'm pretty sure you didn't even read the end of the book. (Spoilers) She doesn't have babies. She doesn't have her family. She's completely fucked up in the head and so heavily traumatized that she crawls back into what's left of her District and lets the country reshape itself without her. Peeta stays with her to take care of her, because that's what his character does. Maybe she loves him, maybe she doesn't, but he's the only point of stability she has left. It's not really a "message for teenage girls" one way or another.
@4 really? i'll re-read it, but i'm pretty sure the message was babies. . .

seriously, that pissed me off to no end.

so, now i gotta go check.

@2 I was just about to call out that line, as well.

Man, after this screening, I had all kinds of crazy unsettling dreams. Watching someone's PTSD is unsettling and revolution is messy as hell.

I'd somehow forgotten Philip Seymour Hoffman was in this series until he appeared on screen. He was, as always, amazing.