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A Brief History of the Proto-Feminists Who Built the Harvard Exit


This was fantastic. Thank you!

I think it's interesting that the Daughters of the American Revolution club is located just across the street.

Were these clubs rivals? Who threw the best parties? Were there pillow fights?
Nice article!
@1 1987? Might that be something like 1927?
Thank you Sean Nelson for a good article.
My, what a noble pedigree that building has, I wasn't aware of that.
One would think that the collective 'soul' of Seattle would see the potential loss of the Exit as a serious challenge. Much as the threatened loss of the Pike Place Market galvanized a cadre of do-gooders from a previous era.
Won't someone step up? I honestly don't believe we are all cynical and defeatist.
Are we?
GREAT ARTICLE SEAN!!!! As an employee of the Harvard Exit for over 9 years I am extremely sad to see us close after all these amazing years. We will miss you all!! PS Pretty sure Ive sold you a few small diets + small popcorns over the years Sean. :)