The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: A Film Review in Three Parts: Part One

The Introduction of the Premise


how were the hats, that"s really all i want to know and the image implies there is no hat for mr. g.
Mind you, Bilbo is knocked out for almost all of that battle, and the douchey director Peter F. Jackson couldn't possibly let his ego and an enormous CGI budget not go to his head, so of course he just starts making shit up willy-nilly.
When the warrior bats came out I whispered to my bf, "com-bats"... we almost lost it...
@2 You do realize the whole thing is made up, right?
#4 Do tell: Hobbits and dragons and elves, and it's all JUST MADE UP?

Thank the stars in heaven, we have you to enlighten us about fantasy fiction!

I just want to remember the original Hobbit I read in the 70's and not dwell on the money makers of sequels and re-runs. Tolkien would roll over in his grave if he knew what the media has done to his work.
#2 the whole shebang is silly made up shit (nothing wrong with that), so the addition of more silly made up shit, does it matter?
#4 sorry, didn't see your post before I posted my redundant post that I posted
@7 Silly made up shit? Tolkien is a treasure.
A pity this last installment is the least successful of all the tolkien flicks. Thorin is the only good thing about it (and Smaug, but he exists only before the opening credits, so...). I bet Jackson could've made a really good "Hobbit" in one part. As a story, Bilbo and Smaug should've been the crux.