Hard to Be a God: A Science-Fiction Film Set in the Middle Ages


Uh huh. So, weird for the sake of weird, then?
If I click on "Hard to Be a God" in the "Related Movies" section under the review, then that takes me to a page that states "No Showtimes Found". Not too helpful.

It would be nice if showtime information (or at least venue information) was embedded within the review page. Another alt weekly in Seattle lists "Runs Fri., Feb. 20-Mon., Feb. 23 at Northwest Film Forum. Not rated." on the same page as the review.
Grim. Grey. Gruesome. Caked in excrement and poorly translated [or written, not sure]. Bad date. You will drink more than you had planned on afterwards just to get some color back in your life.
@1 I didn't get that impression at all. It was a longtime goal of German's to adapt this novel, which had been adapted before (Fleischmann, 1989) in a more conventional fashion. The film isn't for those with weak stomachs, but it was made with great passion.
Looks like some republican voters in Arkansas.
Why did this pop up on my RSS feed on the last day of its run? So completely not useful!
For what it's worth, the author of It's Hard to Be a God also wrote Roadside Picnic, the short story which Tarkovsky's Stalker was based on—though Tarkovsky did dramatically deviate from the original text for the better.
LOL at me adding "It's" to the title. Kinda gives it a whole 'nuther vibe.
@8 Kinda wish this
played over the end credits...
@9 - Holy crap how was that video so awesome?